Inner peace, spiritual approaches to parenting, meditation and more

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Leta was instrumental in helping me bring my intuitive and healing gifts to the world by delivering loving, and yet, concrete messages from the angels. With her intuitive guidance and support, I developed my channeling business which has helped many women in their path of healing and success. She is a very gifted and talented messenger and her beautiful approach to peace makes a huge difference for those who work with her. (from a client)

Leta Hamilton has 4 books to offer. They are on sale at The link is here.


READINGS: Working with archangel Michael, among the other energy beings, archangels and ascended masters for whom I can connect and bring forth their messages, I write you a reading based on a question. Alternatively, we can do a Skype session where we are face to face. Google+ also works. These are intuitive readings where I enter a trance state and become the voice of that which would like to speak. They are very powerful. For more information, email me

PAST LIFE READINGS: This is specifically geared towards mothers and their children. If you have a question about the past lives of you and your children, how they affect you now and any other information that would assist you with your relationship now, I will do this as a reading. Email me your children’s names and birthdays to

MEDITATION CONSULTATIONS: Meditation is key to your peace of mind as a human being and as a parent. If you would like a one-on-one consultation on how meditation can fit into your life in practical, hands-on, ways, I will do a channeled session with you where we bring in the energy of the angels and we ask their advice for the best possible way to use meditation in your life. This will include very specific instructions for how to connect with your guides, how to be at peace, how to answer your questions yourself and how to quiet your mind to hear your inner wisdom. This is a one off call that will last no more than an hour. It will be between $40-$80 depending on your ability to pay. I will invoice you once we agree on the time and date and your contribution to the energy exchange. Namaste. To order this product, please email

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