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Daily Message 66

This is another short day of “lesson-meditation.”

Did you know that every one of these messages is a meditation? It is a download of energy from the angels to you. We send it with our vibration down to your vibration. We use the words to make “forth” certain frequencies that are transmitted through the vibration of each letter. Nothing is “left” to chance. It is all “intentional.”

Every letter has a purpose.

Every time you see, “That is all,” it is a vibration that is given.

Every time you see, “It is done,” or, “So be it,” a transmission is taking place.

Every time you see, “We are leaving,” or, “We love you,” a transference of energy is taking place.

You have many ideas about what is “right” and what is “wrong” and sometimes the repetition of things is upsetting to your energy field. You wish, we angels, would say things once and be done with it. We do our best, but we concede not if the energy is necessary for repeating ourselves and sending the vibration of the letters in multiple blocks.

The vibration of 3 times is very powerful. When we say, “We love you, we love you, we love you,” we say it with meaning. We say it with 3 times repetition because then you are receiving 3 times the vibration of the letters. Be “open” (as in spacious with your patience) when you see things written 3 times. Instead of being disturbed by something you have already seen and “know,” be open to the possibility that the vibration of 3 times is particularly “meaningful” to your energy field at this time.

Today, write for 17 minutes on the ability to be patient. It is your “assignment” today to write about patience, whether you believe you have it and how you can “accumulate” it in your energy field. That is all. We love you, we love you, we love you. That is all. So be it and so it is. That is all.

Daily Message 65

Here we address “labels.” What you label as good, bad, neutral, happy, sad, up, down and so on are ways for humans to deal with vibrations and energy for which their physical eyes cannot see, yet the physical body can feel in “emotions,” stirrings of the soul.

You have ways of feeling that are expansive and others that are contracting. The feelings you call “happy” are generally the ones that make you feel expanded and more alive. The ones you call “sad” are the ones that contract your energy and make you feel “less than 100% alive.” They are the ones that make you feel like you wish you were feeling something else.

When we have visual connection with your energy field, we see your vibration as sound and color. We see the energy of you. We see the “body” of you as light and sound and color. We do not see the physical outline of you. You are no more physical to us than we are to you. We see outlines of physicality, but our “main point of focus” is your energy.

The angels come as beneficent supporters of your energy. We put our energy with yours and lift you “up” to higher vibrations, or at least different ways of “seeing” a situation so you can change your viewpoint to be more life-affirming and expansive.

We are not seeing the “flaws” of you. That is not possible. We only see your energy and can tell with our wisdom if you are in a place of
“positive,” life-affirming, expansive energy, or in a place of “negative,” life-contracting, static energy.

We have no judgments about what is good or bad about that. It always is. It is. That is all.

Our teaching today about labels is that they are energetic markers for what is expansive, life-affirming, and what is contraction, life-constricting. There are no rights or wrongs about these and they are very individual to you, the soul, having the human experience. They are indicating much about the life you have had as this human and the life you have had as this soul with many expressions of humanity. So, you have nothing to fear in them.

That is all.

There is nothing to fear about what you are feeling. That is all.

Make what you feel a reminder of where you might be energetically and leave it at that. No need to fear the feeling as well. This is serving not the expansion of you. You have enough “to deal with” as a human without adding fear to the mix. Fear of your emotions is not necessary. That is all.

We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all.

Write for 17 minutes today on your emotions. Anything you feel at all is ok, perfect, in fact. We have every connection here to All That Is and you are never alone, never without support. You are loved beyond measure. So it is. So be it.

Now, go, do your writing. That is all. We are leaving. It is done. So be it and so it is. That is all.

Daily Message 64

How is your mind adjusting to its move?

It has moved to your heart. Your brain still exists, it has not gone anywhere. It lives in your skull. Biology is still the same. However, the mind, that which is thinking, but not physical, lives elsewhere. You tie the brain with the mind, but they are mutually exclusive. One can be in your head and the other in your heart and you not die!

It is true.

Throughout your human history, you have looked at biology and said, “This is here, the brain is here, so that must be the center of my mind.”

However, you have a heart and you have said, “This is the center. It pumps blood to my extremities, it keeps me alive, it must be the ‘heart’ of my feelings, the emanating place from which I extend and receive all love.”

This is how you have placed yourselves between spiritual inclinations and desires to know where you are in the cosmos, and your curiosity to know who you are as a physical being.

Both are spiritual.

Curiosity about your physical selves, your spiritual self, your mental self, your emotional self is spiritual.

All of it is spiritual.

Every thought – spiritual.

Every emotion – spiritual.

Every movement – spiritual.

As you move through space and time, as you label things “good” “bad” “neutral,” you are being a spiritual being.

That is all.

Today, write for 17 minutes on the spirituality of all your existence. As you move through space and time, how can you make everything into the conscious knowing of its spiritual nature? Everything moving you toward expansion and God-knowing.

That is all. We love you. It is done. So be it and so it is. We are leaving. That is all.

Daily Message 63

Today we return you to this topic of “no-mind.” It is our task today to give you some feeling of what we, the angels, mean when we say, “no-mind.”

Let us share with you the 17 minutes of writing from this transcriber, Leta Hamilton, that she completed after yesterday’s lesson. If it was 2 days ago, who is counting? All is illusion, mirage, when it comes to time. If it was 2 or 20 days ago, or 200, it is still as relevant. We share it now:

Here is the goodbye letter to my mind…
Dear Mind,
I have something to tell you. It’s time for you to go. Literally. I’m moving you into my heart region and I want you to know that you have served me well up there, but I’m taking you down into my heart region and you just have to put up with it. I want you to pack your bags and come down with me. I’ll take you by the hand. You’ve had a long old run up there in my brain region and I know you think it’s your permanent home, but you have another option and it’s time you took that up. The heart is a lovely home. It’s beautiful down there. It has a swimming pool, a view fit for kings, it’s the central location of all that’s going on in the psyche of Leta Hamilton and it’s just the best place to be in all of ME. I’ll tell you that much for free! You can’t beat this property. Anybody who is anybody is living in the heart region. All the best parts of me are located there – the angelic part, the soul, the expanded aspect Higher Self Me and every bit of my multi-dimensionality is there in a great Grand Central Station of which you are now going to take up residence. You are just going to love it there. So take a moment to say goodbye to your home of the “upper region” of my consciousness, the place you think you need to be because the brain is there, and get ready for a great adventure. You can be with the brain by other means – you have email, social media and all kinds of ways to stay connected in this modern era. The telephone, Skype, Google+ – they are all connecting us humans to people all over the globe we have never met. Now I am saying to you that you can be connected to the brain without physically being there. I’m going to say that you can still communicate with the brain AND be a resident of the heart region. It’s ok. It’s going to be ok. I’m going to get your stuff now. It’s time to move. Take my hand. I have a new place for you all sorted out in my heart. It’s big enough, way big enough, and you’ll be fine there! The welcoming committee awaits your arrival. Let’s get going. Party in the heart tonight. That is all.
In peace,
Leta…your Self.

Here is our “teaching” about this letter – one does not lose the ability to think when they lose their mind. One loses the ability to separate mind from heart. They are One. As all things are One, you bring “mind” and “heart” into Oneness and you create “Heart-Mind” or Heart 2, as we are calling it.

You are no more saying goodbye to thinking than this letter is saying goodbye to the brain. Lobotomy is not our “purpose” here. Only to show you that thinking can take place and it can originate from the heart region, rather than the brain, upper chakra, regions. Where intellect refuses to accept heart-thinking, Heart 2 emits the vibration of “from all things I receive and honor Oneness.”

Unconditional love is not a person’s allowing any ill-will or abuse to take place upon its body. It is a holding of the space of love in circumstances one would term painful (either emotionally or mentally or physically) and loving the body enough to move out of the situation, the mind enough to free it from a prison of bitterness and hate and a love of Self enough to move into emotions that are life-affirming, expansive and “upward” on the ladder of emotions toward joy.

To those you call “enemies,” you bless them and send them on their way. You have no more investment in how their lives turn out. You just let them be as they are and continue on their way. As they “agitate” you on your “life-journey,” you just know they are there to serve your enlightenment, expand your sense of Heart-Mind, Heart 2, and go toward light – in knowing you are a light, you move into it. That is all.

The farewell to your mind is a giving yourself the love of angels. We say, we have no mind. We have “heart.”

It is not the heart of the physical body, for nothing you can conceive can explain what we are. We have vibrations that you would recognize as Unconditional Love, Appreciation, Joy, Happiness, Humor, Familial Brother-Sisterhood and Worship of All That Is. It is a vibration of “Love,” in its simplest terms. You are able to understand love. We are love. That is all.

Mind is a friend best placed in heart.

That is all. Now, write for 17 minutes on the home you have made for mind in your heart. That is all. We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all. It is done, it is done, it is done. So be it and it is so. That is all. We are leaving.

Now, go, and write. That is all. We are leaving. We are leaving. We are leaving. That is all.

Daily Message 62

Now we move to another theme – the theme of your existence without mind.

What is it like to “lose your mind?”

Making a joke is easy here. You have many instances where you feel that you are losing your mind.

The writer here has 4 sons. She has many instances where that phrase is appropriate. Where are you, “losing your mind?” What does it mean?

You are going “insane.” You are losing the will to be rational. You have lost the ability to take a bigger picture viewpoint of surroundings and realize “this too shall pass.” All that you see in front of you is the chaos, the disorder, the disharmony, the “bad” and you are thinking, “This is it. There is no more to life. I have everything right here and it is not what I would like. I have no interest in continuing with this. All I want to do is lose my mind so I can be with peace again – as a vegetable.”

Vegetables are peaceful, we know. You would be very peaceful as a vegetable. And, you would also be very bored by your definitions. Vegetables love being vegetables, that is what they are and they are very happy to be so. You are not a vegetable.

Still, you can lose your mind.

You can lose your mind.

You can lose it.

We say, you don’t need it. Not in the sense you believe you do – to make “rational” decisions, to think about the world, to keep on top of things and be of service to humanity. You need not your mind for this. Your brain is quite sufficient.

You need your heart to connect the being that you are as a human to the being that you are as a “non human,” that non physical Truth about you.

The heart is the place of central connection between all of your aspects, in every dimension. It is the place to call “Grand Central Station.” That mind is a place to call “The End of the Line.” It is the periphery, that which keeps you feeling separate.

Lose it.

Say goodbye.

Instead, say, hello Heart-Mind.

This the Mind As Heart state of being. You can do this by willfully, as in making the choice to do it, making your mind an aspect of your heart and not an entity of itself.

Lose the mind. Say hello to Heart-Mind.

That is all.

We will continue more with this tomorrow. It is ok to be “skeptical” that anything at all can be done about your mind. We have many days to “convince” you that the mind is superfluous and the heart is the true center of mind.

Write for 17 minutes on your mind, making it a goodbye letter. How do you say goodbye to your mind? That is your task today. Make it a letter to your mind saying goodbye. That is all.

We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all. We are leaving. So be it and so it is. It is done. That is all. Now, go, and write. That is all.

Daily Message 61

This is today’s message: Be where you are.

Allow yourself to be where you are.

There is no-thing wrong with where you are.

Where you are is P-E-R-F-E-C-T.

That is all. Now, go, write for 17 minutes on the perfection of your feelings, your “place” in the universe, as it is now, in this moment. Where you are now is all that is required of you. Be where you are.

That is all.

We are leaving. We love you. It is done. So be it and so it is. It is done. That is all. We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all.

Daily Message 60

Today we celebrate life on this planet minus one of your “great actors,” Robin Williams. It was a loss of life many are feeling in their bodies as grief, non-understanding and despair at the waste of potential this loss represents. It is a day without a man many loved.

We say, we bring this message today, as a reminder of what Heart 2 represents. It is knowing that all is perfect – as it is. Nothing needs to change. Nothing needs to be different. Nothing is sad because all is directed by a divine perfection beyond any human understanding.

Joy permeates all aspects of your life because you are Heart 2, the combining of heart and mind, the loss of mind and the emergence of heart-mind. It is enthusiastic living because you are constantly aware of the support that surrounds you always.

We say, tragedies are always beginnings for more love. Loss is a divine interweaving of energies, creating openings in places before “closed.” What has resulted from the loss of this person so dearly loved?

  1. Coming together of humanity in solidarity of love.
  2. Talking openly about issues that concern your humanity and being honest about the challenges of your race.
  3. Time spent in celebration of the things that you appreciate about that presence on earth, a return to the laughter you experienced in that work, a passing on of its charms by sharing them with your children and so much more. It is a time of celebration as well as mourning.
  4. Being in the company with those who knew this person in both non-understanding of the events leading up to this death, but also in the longing for change to take place so that all may know a satisfaction in life – no matter their circumstances. Wealth is nothing to do with happiness and this is a great reminder.
  5. Finally, we say, this loss is a way for everyone to touch their hearts and be “centered” into the knowing of what is meaningful in life. It returns us to the questions of existence. It makes us aware of where we are living in meaning and fulfillment and where we are questing the meaning of All That Is. That is all.

    In tragic loss, we can be grateful. We can see the gift. That is all.

We love you. That is all. Now, go, write for 17 minutes on what binds you as humanity. That is all.

Daily Message 59

Today is day 7 of our series of answering questions, and yet we have answered them, through the process of combining more than one question into one. This is a method of energy-consumption you use often. It is something you use most days. It is the process of using energy in a “combine-like” way. It is a way to consume energy in a way that is efficient.

It, meaning the way in which you use energy, is more efficient to combine things. You use much overlaying technique in your day to day living.

And so, we move forward. We say, 7 days or 9 days, it is the same energy. It is the energy of answering questions. You will always have more questions, so the more we combine, as angelic energy, the more efficient we are, and we are very efficient!

We answer questions from humans in many ways. We use direct methods, signs, dreams and much more to come to you. We say, we always are with you, in every way. Our energy is not “distinct,” in that we are not separate from any other thing. We are one with all of it, so we use all of it, even the “smallest” thing is a great thing for our “thinking,” which is much different than yours.

We say, we are different, but one. We are all in the same soup of energy together and we are one. We are never apart from you. We are always there. We are always there. We are always there.

Now, go and be with yourself in a way that honors your distinctness as a human and the Oneness that you also share with All That Is, including this energy, the energy of archangel Michael. Be with yourself as distinct and One. That is all.

We say, if you are to write today, which we always encourage you to do, write about how you are special. You are special, loved beyond measure, perfect in every way, every way, every way. Even that nose is perfect, that butt, everything about you. You are so special and so perfect.

Write about your unique qualities that make you so distinct upon this planet.

We are leaving. We love you. It is done. So be it and so it is. That is all. Now, go, and write.

That is all.

Daily Message 58

Here we have our last question in this series of “answers.” What is going on? Why is it so confusing?

This is one question, written 2 ways. Living is confusing. You have many lenses through which to interpret the world. You have your physical eyes, the most obvious and “real” lens. Then, there are your mental and physical bodies, the emotional state into which all must be processed and the other human beings who you must “try and figure out” while you are here. None of it is straightforward.

That is, until you “give up” on questions and embrace WHAT IS.

What is, is a state of eternal perfection. It is that which is contained in your energy field and is all the things you are given to be in your most “ideal” state of possibility for the greatest expansion into the knowing of your god-self.

Questions are a way of igniting your energy field into new territories of knowledge and “truth-experiencing.” It is a soul mechanism for bridging the experience-divides between the physical self and the spiritual self. If you now ask for more information about the nature of the soul, you open up a new “line of inquiry” into the knowledge and truth-experience of your All That Is-ness. It is a way to open up further energetic paths to the Truth of you, your divine essence as a piece of everything together in Oneness.

Questions serve until they no longer serve. At the point of being “done” with questions, you are the I AM.

Now. To answer the question: What is going on? Why is it so confusing? We say this, what is going on is a “beyond explaining” expansion of everything – you, the universe, dimensions, realms of existence, planes of experience, more and more and more than could ever be articulated in any language, let alone the English one. It is a way of saying, this question is unanswerable. It is only a thing that can be experienced through you, through the knowing of you as your god-self. So the questioning you put into the world, the non physical, infinite realm of consciousness, is another way of expanding All That Is. You are that, All That Is, expanding-ness. You are more than can be written about in one book or a million.

You are. That is all.

We say, you are given everything in your life as a way expand-and-know becomes manifest as experiential Truth in your being. You are loved beyond measure. You are love. You are. That is all.

We love you, we love you, we love you. That is all. It is done. That is all. We are leaving. That is all. So be it and so it is. That is all.

Daily Message 57

How is it possible you have so many aspects? This is your next question. It is a question we invite you to go back and review. It is from the message 52. Have you been paying attention? We ask because it is natural for you to flow in and out of awareness of your expanded self. It is natural to go in and out of awareness of what is “base,” that is what is “of the earth,” and what is “higher self,” or, what is “in the earth realm, but not of the earth realm.” That is, what is “higher, expanded, more energy than matter,” about you.

When you go through these messages, you read them, and then sometimes forget them. That is ok. Your heart, your essence, the energy of you, forgets not. What is read, what is learned and put into the energy field of one, cannot be unlearned, even if you forget the pattern of the letters and the way they exactly came together. What you read here is being assimilated into your field, even if the specifics are not being retained.

So fear not if you are not remembering every message or what it said.

How is it possible you have so many aspects? Seeds are plentiful within the fruit. Every word, concept or energetic download, which has an impact in your field, as in, “you put energy and thought-energy in its direction,” is as the seed. Every time you read something and say, “I agree with that,” or, “I don’t agree with that,” that is an aspect.

You are given “multitudinous” layers because that is the nature of energy in its “simplest” (although there is no-thing simple about energy!) form. Energy is adding upon itself in every way. So to say you are many-layered, multitudinous, multidimensional, multi-aspected, creatures of energy is just what you are. It is possible because all things are possible within the infinite realm of All That Is. Everything that you believe and hold dear is an aspect. Every nuance of you is an aspect. Every cell of you is an aspect. From there, go out and out and out. You are connected to All That Is, every living being, every molecule upon the planet home you call earth and every other realm within all the dimensions everywhere by the nature of your being. That is all.

To be is to be All That Is.

To be is to be All That Is.

To be is to be All That Is.

All That Is, is you and more. It is undefinable in any other way. It IS! You are! That is all.

We say, you have many aspects. It is possible for you to have an infinite number of aspects. You are here in this realm, as the one you call you, with that name and that skin, and you are the angels on high, the light beings beyond, the light beings of nature and so much more. You are known as the one who likes “this” and doesn’t like “that” and is kind of neutral about this other thing over there. Together all of these things make you. You are so varied, it is inconceivable to put you into any box. That is how wide and vast is your energy.

In your attempts to label and make sense of your world from a physical “point of view,” (which is a core point of your earth experience) the mind has boxes for things. The heart does not. Heart 2 is the noticing of things, the recognition of things as earth “objects” without needing to place them within the framework of that’s it. You see the table, recognize it as a table, and also know it is not a table. It is molecules, fashioned wood, energy in condensed form, and so much more. It is the sweat of laborers here, there and everywhere, from the forest where the tree came down, to the truck, to the factory, to the store, to the delivery and the placing of it where it is now. It is infinite. Just like you, it is infinite. The table has as many aspects as you can think of. That is all.

It is possible for you to have so many aspects because you are – You are! That is all.

We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all. It is done. We are leaving. So be it and so it is.

Now, go, write for 17 minutes on your aspects. How many can you come up with in the 17 minutes of your writing? That is all. We love you. That is all.