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Daily Message 53

Today we begin with question 1. Who is the coach of this team? Let us begin.

The coach is a past player. It is a person who knows the “rules” of the game, has played it much in its life, and is now in a position to pass on that knowledge with skills relating to management of groups of people, talking to and inspiring individual players, making decisions about the “players” and where they are positioned, knowing when it is time to say goodbye to a player, having the capacity to work within an organization and in cooperation with other guides called, “pitching coach, batting coach” and so on.

The coach is also not in a position of perpetual employment. They may go on to any number of other things in any season for any reason. The most common is that their team is not winning, but we are only using this as a metaphor and in our “cosmic” team, the coach is much more likely to leave for another assignment than because “it’s team is losing.” There is no losing in what we are communicating.

Still, “who” is the coach? When we are communicating the intricate “nature” in which heart, mind, body, spirit, soul, guides and angelic beings, light beings from other star systems, come together in a team like atmosphere, we make this disclaimer: This is not like any team you will find, now/past/future, on the fields of earth soil. This is not a physical team. This is not a physical team. This is not a physical team. That is all.

Still, “WHO” is the coach? The coach is that which directs your eternal being-ness, the Angel of You, that which is you beyond yous in all dimensions, all planes of existence, all realms of experience and all lifetimes. It is the you of yous, the supreme essence of your being, the expanded aspects of all of your aspects. It is the spider’s web with all of its spokes, all of its lines, all of its corners. It is the all of all. Look at the field. Close your eyes and see a field. Now take it out. Take it out. Take it out. See the sky, the fields around the field and out into space, where you see all of the world below you.

This is the coach. It is not a human. It is not a human metaphor. It is a personality beyond what you can define personality in human form. It is looking at the earth from the farthest reaches of space and this is the coach. That is all.

Now, you ask, then what is God? That is not our question. God is all of that and more, most intimately known as you. Take God out of your equation for now and just know that you are God, the manifestation of God-Self in human form. You are divine.

That is all. For now, spend 17 minutes writing about what is “coach” to you. How do you go out, and out, and out? Take it out as far as you can go. It is done. That is all. We love you.

We are leaving. That is all. Now, go, write for 17 minutes of the coach of you. That is all.

It is done.

That is all.

We are leaving.

We love you.

Daily Message 52

This is a storm. It is a storm between your heart, who knows its value and wishes you, the Human one, to notice it. The mind rages in pursuit of dominance over your heart, your life, the thing you call “the totality of experience while a body on earth.” The soul is the bridge between that which is a physical experience while on earth and all that is you beyond this earth. The spirit is the essence of you beyond all molecular structures and that which is categorized as form or third dimensional.

The great and the multitudinous aspects of you come together in this human experience and say, “Pick me! Notice me! I am the one to pay attention to in this lifetime. I am the one that can help you most on this human journey.”

Like the schoolyard of children all being picked for the opposing teams, your aspects, every “piece” of your being, is asking you, the human, to notice it. Let us expand.

  1. The Mind is like the big kid, who is good for the team, but not always considerate of its teammates. It doesn’t notice always that it is on a team and thinks it can do everything by itself.
  2. The Heart is like the center fielder, 2nd baseman (if we use a baseball metaphor) and pitcher all in one. Remember your heart has 3 chambers. It is a team in itself and has much use on the field. It can coordinate many aspects of the overall being-ness of the experience you call an earth experience. However, you are often looking at the mind instead because it is so big, it grabs your attention.
  3. The soul is the batting coach (we are going with baseball). It shows you many ways and techniques for having a human experience and guides you in this experience you are having now. It shows you a way to “hit” the life-curve-balls and has a preference for how the direction of this life experience goes. As a coach, it has a bigger picture than you do, as a human. It sees more than just your field. It sees the many fields of your human experiences, in all of your incarnations, all at the same time, and extends itself into many areas of your multidimensional experience of being-ness.
  4. The spirit is the owner of the team. It is the overall seer of everything. It is the you without a body. The “owner” of a baseball team sits up above, makes calls, signs contracts for new players, makes decisions about the direction of its team. Has a say in what city this team is playing in (or dimension, realm of experience, plane of existence, planet, star system, so on and ad infinitum).
  5. Who is the coach of this team? Who is picking the players, as mentioned in the metaphor of the schoolyard? What is a human? What are you doing here on earth? What is the overall purpose of this experience? Why are you here? How is it possible you have so many aspects? What is going on? Why is it so confusing? We take these questions in turn. We have time in this book to explore these dilemmas of the human experience. In doing so, we will take you further into Heart 2. They will come one at a time. You have the next 9 Daily Messages laid out before you as we take these questions and make them into meditations.

    You have much to think about and write about today. We are saying, we are suggesting, advising, recommending, you write about baseball or a sports metaphor for 17 minutes. You can choose whatever sport you wish. It is a good exercise in understanding the “game” of life. It is a team sport that must be used in this writing exercise and if you do not like sports, what an awesome opportunity to stretch yourself. It is possible. We love you. That is all.

    This is a day for celebrating the things that are “best explained by a metaphor!”

    We love you. That is all. We are leaving. It is done.

Daily Message 51

Here is a new beginning. The beginning of the “second half” of this book. How exciting! Are you ready? What have you been doing between now and the last time you picked up this book?

Was it yesterday?
The day before?
Weeks ago?
Or even years?

Where are you now that you were not when you read the Daily Message 50?

We are saying, we “recommend,” we “suggest,” we “advise,” you to read these in succession, but there is no rule that you do so and however you are reading this book is appropriate for you. If you were not doing this way, you would be doing it another.

This is our message today: that you look out in the world and see how others are doing it and put your “suggestions, advice and recommendations” to the side.

They are doing what is impossible for you to understand because you are only you. In a Oneness beyond understanding, the You of you, the infinite being of you, is holding all ways within its Be-ing-ness. You have no need of suggestions, recommendations or advice within Heart 2, for all is seen as an aspect of the Oneness beyond understanding. You simply are. That is all.

We say, today and all days, “check” your recommendations, suggestions and advice. Are they necessary? Are they for you or the person to whom you are directing it? Think about your words before you say them. Only say that which is essential, for the life of the one you are looking at, speaking to, being with, with your energy. For all is One and One is All.

You are speaking to yourself. You are looking at yourself. You are being with yourself. In your infinite Oneness, you are looking another version of You.

That is all.

We love you. We love you. We love you. In your 17 minutes of writing today, we say, we suggest, we advise, we recommend, that you write for 17 minutes about how you suggest, advise and recommend to others. Be honest in this assesment and see where you can be with yourself in total acceptance of what IS, without needing, wanting or desiring to change a single thing. That is all.

We say, this is a “suggestion, recommendation and advice” without penalty. Do as you are called.

That is all. We love you. We are leaving. It is done. That is all.

Daily Message 50

Welcome to half way. Do you feel your heart? Is there peace? Check if there is peace.
When you come to this place, you realize all that you have shed. What have you shed?
• Beliefs.
• Beliefs.
• Beliefs.
Beliefs about who you are as a mind.
Beliefs about who you are as a heart.
Beliefs about who you are as a heart-mind.

Beliefs come in all shapes and sizes. They say, “This is who I am in the world, in the cosmos. This is what I stand for and this is what is right in my mind and this is what is wrong in my mind.”

Beliefs say, “I am a thinking being, with thoughts all my own that determine who I am in the world and how I relate to individuals separate to me, locations separate to me, experiences separate to me, things separate to me.”

Heart-Mind says, “I AM.”

When Heart-Mind says, “I AM,” it means I AM all that – every belief that I believe in and those that I do not, every location I have been to and those that I have not, every experience I have experienced and those that I have not, everything that I am seeing in front of me and that which I do not.

Heart-Mind is the place of openness that says, “This could be me.” Every time you see a person in pain, you have room to hold that pain and not call it good or bad, just IS. Every time you see a person in an act of cruelty, as you believe it to be, you have the room to see their divinity in your own heart and know it is all ok at the highest level, the level of All That Is, where is everything is perfect, in divine order and infinitely taken care of. You have the room in your heart to respond with love, compassion, kindness, to everyone involved, because you know there is more here than meets the eye, infinitely more.

You are here to stretch out into heart-mind, Heart 2, where the mind is mastered, turned into no mind and “melted” into heart-mind. The mind is a place where you cannot see your divinity because you cannot understand it. It is beyond understanding. Melt the mind and know who you are, divine being, heart-mind soul.
That is all.
Today, we say, write about your feelings of where you are now. What is the level of peace you feel on a level between 1 and 10, with one being no peace and 10 being all peace. This is your task today. Can you assess where you are, honestly? Where are you? Where is your heart? Where is your mind? Where are you on the “path” of no-mind, where you are only Heart-Mind. The place where thinking and feeling merge is Heart-Mind.
That is all.
We love you, we love you, we love you. That is all.
Now, go, write for 17 minutes about where you are in peace. That is all.
It is done, it is done, it is done. That is all. So be it and so it is. We are leaving. That is all.

Daily Message 49

Ill-at-ease-ness is a way of life for many humans. It is the being-ness of uncertainty about who you are, what you came here for, the reasons your life is as it is. The things in your life you spend many nights in bed thinking about are the things that create so much ill-at-ease-ness.

You are invited today to move again down into your heart. In thinking about something, you go into mind-ego overtaking of your being-ness. Mind is appropriate. It is a tool. Ego is appropriate. It is a tool.

Shadow is appropriate. It is a tool. Darkness is appropriate. It is a tool. All of these things you label “bad” are tools for you to be awakened, to know your worth, to your embrace your heart as the “mind” of you. It is the way of going from mind-being to heart-being to Heart 2, which is heart-mind, to be moving from purely using your mind to assess situations, to using your heart to feel things, how they feel (you can also call this intuition, which is another chakra, but it is stemming from the heart that feelings are born and placed in your “gut,” where you call your solar plexus chakra), to using your Heart-Mind to use feelings and thoughts together as a Oneness. They are not separate. They are not separate. They are not separate.

Separation is a game of the mind. It is a tool. You use it in your reality of form. However, Heart-Mind, Heart 2, knows that there is nothing different between the heart feelings and mind thoughts. They are One. All is One.

How can this be? How can the feelings of your heart (“gut”) be the same as the thoughts of your mind? They are coming together in your heart. Where the earth and sky meet is at the heart.

When you do your 17 minutes of writing today, write about the feelings and the thoughts about a situation. Take a situation about your life and write one column as all the feelings you have around it and another about all the thoughts you have around it. Meet them in the middle.

Where do your thoughts, your feelings, your intuition and your mental rationalizations come together? Where are they one and the same? Where are you coming together in Heart 2, the place of Heart-Mind, mind mastery, no mind? You are given 17 minutes today to write about something in your life that has feelings attached to it and thoughts attached to it. See where your consciousness takes you. That is all.

We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all. It is done, it is done, it is done. That is all. Now, go, write for 17 minutes and be in the space of Heart-Mind. That is all.

Daily Message 48

Wow. How have you been? Do you know that it has been a week since the person writing these has been here?

You are one reading this as a book, or as a blog, or as a one-off every couple of weeks or so, or not at all, just coming upon this and finding it for the first time on a thing called “social media.” We use your terms. It is all “infinite” to us, without time, without space. …We are here whether you are “paying attention” or not. We are always here.

So you have come, whether from yesterday, the day before, the year before or never before. Always, always, always, we are saying, we are here.

This day is a day to say, no matter where you have been, we have been here with you, as you, as an extension of you, as your angelic essence in words, the form of words, put down on paper (electronic paper), transmitted as energy in this moment to you, no matter where you are or what you are doing, or how long it has been since you have thought about us, the angels.

We are here. We are here. We are here.

If you have 17 minutes today for your writing (and we encourage you always to do the 17 minutes of writing a day to accompany these meditations), write about where you have been in this day, the day before, the week before and so on and how that is meaningful or not to where you are now. How is it connected? How is the life of your yesterday a connection to now? That is the 17 minutes for today.

It is doable. You can write for 17 minutes about where you have been and how it is “connected” to this moment, this precise moment, this NOW of forever. That is all. We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all.

Now, go, write for 17 minutes. That is all.

Daily Message 47

There are many times in your life when you do wish to do things. You do not wish to do something you know you “should.” We say, there are never any shoulds in life – even though you perceive there to be many. You have all the things you do. You have all the things you do not do. They are the IS-es of your life. That is all.

We say, it is a day to let go of shoulds. It is a day to know what you are doing, as the thing you are doing, and that is all. Without commentary, without labeling, you are doing what are doing and you are not doing something else. It is equally possible you might be doing something else. That is all.

If you choose to do your 17 minutes of writing, write about all the shoulds you make yourself do each day – the brushing your teeth, the calling your grandma, the eating healthy and all the other things you do in life because you should do them.

This is your task for today – what are you doing because you should do them? Some of these things you may like. Some you may not. Each are shoulds. What are the shoulds? Be familiar with them. They are there, in your consciousness, for a reason. They are there to open you up and expose you to the infinite possibilities of the universe. Shoulds are universal, but they are also very different from one culture to another and one person to another. They exist in all forms. They are always something someone does because he or she believes it is in the highest good to do so. It is belief in action. What should you do today? This is your thought challenge today. That is all.

We love you, we love you, we love you. That is all. It is done, it is done, it is done. That is all. We are leaving. So be it and so it is. That is all.

Daily Message 46

Our only message for today is to write in your journal for 17 minutes. Today you can write about your feelings about Heart 2, the heart-mind connection. Yesterday, you wrote of a definition. Today, you write of a feeling.

Feelings are so powerful. They are connector to your future, the reminder of your past and the compass of your present. They tell you how you are. They tell you how you were. They connect your present experience to what will be as more energy unfolds in the space-time continuum of your physical reality.

You are encouraged to connect to the feeling of Heart 2, the heart-mind connection. It is this connection to feeling-emotion that will take you to Heart 2 now and forever more. Connect to your feelings, as you understand them, that Heart 2 would be. Describe them in detail. Be as wide and vast with your descriptions as possible.

We have said again and again that the writing component of this book is essential. Without writing, none of this can be integrated fully into your cellular structure.

It is through the writing that you connect heart and mind, you bypass intellectual ego and you connect to heart from your spiritual essence. This is the gift and power of writing. We say again, to do this book is to write for 17 minutes a day. That is all.

Today is a day to connect to the feeling of Heart 2 and describe it as you can. Even if you cannot feel it now, write in your words what you think it might feel like. That is all. We love you, we love you, we love you. That is all.

Now, go, and write. That is all. So be it and so it is. It is done, it is done, it is done. That is all. We love you, we love you, we love you. That is all.

Daily Message 45

Today is an opportunity to think with your heart. How does that feel?

  1. It feels with judgment not.
  2. It feels open to possibilities.
  3. It feels expansive and able to hold many divergent perspectives within it.
  4. It feels ready to be the voice of neutrality when that is needed.
  5. It feels ready to be the voice of compassion when that is needed.
  6. It feels ready to be the voice of defiance when that is called for.
  7. It feels ready to be the voice of “anger.” (From a loving place that says, “Only to show anger here is how we will move to expanded consciousness and the highest good of all, for this emotion is what is needed to shake us out of our complacency and move to a higher, more loving, vibration. Love means Self.”)
  8. It feels ready to be the voice of sadness when that will be the emotion that takes everyone to the next level of their expanded being-ness.
  9. It feels ready to meet the day with love for all, even that which it does not understand or cannot “know.” “Know” in parenthesis because it is the way we would like this energy presented, to make it clear that there are things that cannot be known and it is a place of heart-mind to know some things cannot be known.
  10. It feels like feeling and thinking, like a merging of thought and emotion so that everything is a combination of what one can “know” intellectually and what one can feel experientially. The heart-mind takes all stimuli and embraces them as a function of brain activity and emotional responses that are in harmony with one another and a part of a whole system, a complete being.
  11. It feels like a melding of spirit, body and mental processes. It is all, the inner connection place of every aspect of being, a coming together of parts to make a whole. It is where you go to be at the center of your being. That is all.

We are the angels. We come as downloads of energy and we teach in this book to be in connection with the heart-mind, Heart 2. So, embrace your collection of aspects to make the whole of you – all of them worthy, all of them valuable, all of them loved beyond measure.

Work on 17 minutes of writing today to describe your interpretation of the heart-mind. Put it together in the words of you and make it real for you. As much as we can say here, it is not real until you make it real for yourself with your own words, your own understanding, your definition. That is all. We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all.

Daily Message 44

During the writing of this book, the one who writes goes within and asks for the words to be given. Then she writes them down. As she goes into her heart and away from her mind, she is the receiver of many “mystical” experiences. Let us explain.

As she drives, she will feel a presence and have to stop to receive a message.

Her experiences come as beacons from light beings that are here from places in “far off regions” of the cosmos. We put “far off regions” in quotes because all of space and time is an illusion of the realm of materiality. They are real for you here, but also easily penetrated for those not operating from within the material realm.

She will be in a meditation to explain or find peace around an experience and suddenly her body will be taken over by an entity of love and light and she will know that everything serves a higher, more expanded, purpose. She will have conversations outside of space and time that make it easy to know-understand how expansive All That Is, is.

She takes a day to be only with herself, absent from the technological advances of your age, and simply “be” with her life, children, experiences, family and more. These are doorways to new experiences that involve other dimensions and realms of experience.

She has days of much interaction with technological advances and spends much time in communication with people in places geographically very far away. She has signs and communications come out of these days that are other kinds of doorways, portals, to signs and communications from all levels of existence, realms of experiences and dimensions.

Everywhere, everywhere, everywhere, there are ways of connecting to the expanded reality beyond form. There are ways of knowing you are surrounded by light beings, as extensions of you, expanded energy in alignment with your energy field that are you in expanded form, beyond physical manifestation.

Nothing, no-thing, no-thing is separate from you. You are in a no/no/no separation existence that IS.

Every letter connected by a space, making a book, making a contribution to the cosmos, the consciousness of All That Is. All of it in the soup of consciousness and connected by it. The extent to which you are able to connect to forces beyond the physical is only limited by the imagination you have right now, in this moment, and that can change. All of it can change in an instant.

Our 17 minutes of writing “assignment” today is to write about the ways in which you can connect to expanded aspects of yourself, angels, light beings, nature spirits and all the things you consider of another realm, beyond the physical. What are the ways you can go within, or touch reality beyond the mind, and make contact with that which cannot be explained through logical or rational mind-focus. That is all.

That is all.

That is all.