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Daily Message 15

Here is our lesson for today. Moving into Heart 2 space requires these three things:

  1. Your willingness to go beyond your beliefs and dissect what is true (this is what the writing is for).
  2. Your willingness to do the work of this mastery, which is to quite literally blow your mind (in a metaphorical sense!), put your mind in your heart and take your heart out, replacing it with Heart 2. This is a thing that is “more” than the sum of its parts. To be in a place of Heart 2 is to neither be in mind or heart, but in Heart-Mind, a very powerful place to be as a human. You can see how effective spiritual leaders are in your world who have given up mind and focused on heart-mind. That is all.
  3. Your willingness to always receive all information as a signpost for what is going on inside of you. Nothing is outside of you. Even what appears as “separate” is a product of your inner consciousness and very much a part of your world from the inside out. Seeing this as the case, as fact, will assist you in letting go of mind and entering heart-mind, or Heart 2.

That is all.

You have 3 things to focus your attention – are you willing to go beyond your beliefs? Are you willing to do the work of mastery? Are you willing to see all as an extension of you, not a separate thing from you?

These are the questions. Can you answer them? Can you answer them honestly? Can you answer them with your 17 minutes? These are the questions to focus on today. You are given every encouragement here. For once you move into the space of Heart 2, you will know how vast and expansive you are and there is no “going back.” There is only FURTHER. That is all. We love you. It is done. We are going. It is done. We love you.

Daily Message 14

We are on a day called Earth Day. It is called Earth Day on April 22 all around the world. Whatever day you are reading this, let us pretend it is Earth Day. Is it not always Earth Day on this planet? If it is not earth day, what is it? You have to answer that. It is your writing assignment for today.

We go. It is really that simple. In writing for 17 minutes about the curiosity that you have a day called, “Earth Day,” when everything is earth day in reality is enough to occupy your time. We say, you have to break through the “beliefs” that say, “Only this day  can be earth day because someone said it is earth day and all the other days are just days. They have other names like Christmas or New Year or My Birthday, but they are days, unlike this day, which is earth day.

How fascinating. How fascinating you are. How fascinating your construction of reality. So you see, your writing, your deconstructing, is your way of going beyond beliefs and entering into no-belief to enter into all-belief and Heart 2.

Remember, Heart 2 is the combination of mind and heart to have room for everything, to be All That Is as you walk this earth. It is to stretch yourself out across all dimensions and planes of existence. You are this big already, but you think so small-ly. You need this to move outside of small thinking and into the truth of you – that you are that big already and always.

Taking the day of earth day and making it a study of your beliefs is a way to start with your deconstruction. Make no mistake, you have to take this building down, the one you call “You,” in order to build the All That Is-You, the you of your greatness, that knows already how extended you are and inclusive of all experience across all dimension and planes of reality. So take yourself away now, to a tree or something in nature, for it is earth day, and you are given this task. So it is. We are going. That is all. We love you.

Daily Message 13

Here is the number 13. A number that has different meanings in different cultures. Is it good luck? Is it bad luck? Is it what you make it, what you choose to believe? Everything has a label in your world – good and bad are the two most common. Let us make labels a thing of the past.

L, look at yourself. Why are you believing something? Is it because you have been taught it? Is it because you have been given proof that it is a truth? And what is this proof? Is it definitive? Is there room for another opinion? How can you look at your beliefs in such a way that you “dissect” them? This is 3 minutes of writing.

A, ask, How can I be more aware of what is actually going on in the world? What are levels of experience that I have taken for granted? What are the spiritual, physical and mental layers of this situation? Or of a label I hold very true? What can I do to see this thing I call “bad” as good? What can I do to expand myself to include more than my pre-conceived ideas that I am holding onto? Where can I go from here? This is 3 minutes of writing.

B, bring yourself to a place where you can be honest about labels and say that they are what you make them. A chair is a chair because you have agreed to call it a chair. It is also a collection of atoms just like you are. It is also a vibrating thing just like you are. It is also a name for something, just like you are. You are given a name to go through this life experience. You have given a chair a label also, but it is just a thing. It is a thing … an is … until you make it otherwise. How can you be more open to unlabeling your existence and everything within it? This is 3 minutes of writing.

E, everything is. What is, is. It is all an expression of Is-ness. Nothing is a label until you make it so. It has purpose. It puts order to things, but it is your group decision as humanity to make it so. When you put a label to something, you agree to make it a something separate. You make yourself a part of the separation process between All That Is and you. There is nothing separate to All That Is, but labels make it so in your mind. Let go of insisting on everything as a separate thing and begin to explore the Is-ness of you and of all objects you call things. This is 3 minutes of writing.

L, love. Love. Love. Love the good. Love the bad. Loving the bad doesn’t make it “good,” but it does put energy of healing on it. I love it because it is and if it is, it is worthy of love. That is all. Love whatever is. As you love it, you heal it. So make yourself a part of this world as one who loves All That Is. It is, as a thing of Is-ness, I can put love there. It is the love of healing. That is all. This is 3 minutes of writing.

S, sing. Sing yourself a song. It doesn’t have to be long. Write for 2 minutes a song to yourself, a poem of your infinite worth and divinity. Celebrate yourself in verse, however it comes out. The point is to be kind to yourself and to celebrate your Is-ness, which is perfect and infinitely valuable. So make yourself a song. 2 minutes of song, written down, a verse of love and self-kindness to remind you of how wonderful you are. This is 17 minutes of writing. Now, go, begin your un-raveling of labels. That is all.

We love you, we love you, we love you. That is all.

Daily Message 12

In the writing of this, we say, we do not come to our channel every day. We are offering “breaks” as her life is full of activities and responsibilities. She has a life outside of these messages. Just as you have a life outside of reading them.

We are saying, life is multi-faceted and you know that so is the universe, all dimensions, realms of existence and planes of experience. This really only “scratches” the surface of All That Is. However, it is enough for now. There are many layers to a leaf, let alone a universe.

You can go about this book one day at a time, or one day every 10. It matters not. You are giving yourself here a tool to use to “lose” your mind and gain your heart-mind. That is all.

The way you go about doing this, using this tool, is your life business, not ours, as the angels. We are here to offer support and guidance, but we do not live your life for you.

As you live as the divine being you are, as you give up your heart and your mind for heart-mind, or Heart 2, as we have called it, you give up petty excuses for why you cannot do this or that, that is calling your soul, giving you every increase in passion and desire, making you think in realms that are all-consuming, and lead you to a path where you are joyously following your passions. There is nothing else to do. To follow your passion is the only obvious course when heart-mind is in action, when Heart 2 is the ruler of your being. You are giving yourself the opportunity here to create Heart 2 in you.

That is all for today. We come with this again, write for 17 minutes a day. Get to the Truth within you. You can do this. As you go into your writing and develop your style, you will see that all Truth was always within you and every book, every teacher, every meditation was simply a tool like a spade to dig away at the soil and find the root of your greatest sustenance. You never needed any of it, but you used it to assist you. That is all.

Your writing today can focus anywhere. Start with the soil. It is a good analogy for what you do when you read a book, write a story about the You of you. You are in charge of your own awakening, of your own loss of heart and mind to heart-mind, Heart 2. You are responsible for how you do this. That is all.

We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all. We are leaving, we are leaving, we are leaving. That is all.

Now, go, write. That is all.

Daily Message 11

The “thing” about a No-Mind state is that nakedness is required. Heart 2 is a place of nakedness. You are naked in your dance in the universe and it is like the dream of being at school without any clothes on that is so common for you.

You have to give up the trappings of attachment to ownership of anything, including the things you hold so dear. You have to know that you are in a universe of infinitely loving and supportive energy, so to own anything it to put limitations on the infinite abundance of the universe.

You own nothing. You are everything. How can everything own anything? It is within it as All That Is. It is inclusive of everything, so no ownership is necessary in the context of All That Is.

You are attached to ownership, whether it is a feeling you desire or a car; it is ownership of some form. You have to know that nothing can be owned as a first step toward Heart 2, which is our Heart-Mind connection.

When you dance naked in the universe, you can touch all. You are exposed to touch all souls with your beautiful non-physical skin. You are not protected by your clothing of ego, so you have nothing to keep you from touching others. This is a scary place for most, as they equate the ego with their identity and cannot imagine a life without it, a life without their identity.

Again, you have to choose how naked you want to be. When you trust the universe, the support that is there, the flow all around you, you learn to be naked with joy. There is nothing to fear. It is learning to show up to school in the dream without any clothes on and to be happy you are so exposed, to go through the day with joy that you are so non-covered while everyone else is walking around with layers and layers of clothing on. Even on the winter-most day, when the cold cuts to the bone, you walk around with a blanket of stars for protection, such is your new outlook of clothes and what clothing means.

Are you in a place where you can get naked? Where you can be in this place of Heart-Mind? It is not for everyone. They have advantages, clothes. They can be a “great way to stay hidden.” Are you ready to come out of hiding? That is your task for writing today.

We have our journals accompanying this book. It is recommended that 17 minutes a day be set aside for writing in it. It can be electronic or hand written. That is not important. The idea behind 17 minutes is that it is long enough to get past layers of clothing to the inner you and short enough not to be a burden to your day.

So, go, write about your willingness to be naked. You must be honest with yourself. Your clothes of ego have served you well. Be gentle with yourself and honor your process of discovery. You may end reading this book after today. That would be fine. We hold no judgments. All is perfect. All will find their way to nakedness. It is the way and the path of existence to find yourself again in the embrace of the sun, the light within, the angel of you. The light shines with or without your clothes. You have to take them off. No one can do it for you.

We speak of clothing as a metaphor. This is not a literal statement to get naked in the streets. We have much humor here, but we do not wish to cause a scene in your streets with a bunch of naked bodies walking around! That is all.

We love you. That is all.

Now, go, write. That is all.

Daily Message 10

This is the 10th messages. One tenth done. How does that feel?

Let us go over a few expressions you use when you think of mind:

“I am out of my mind.”

“It blows my mind.”

“It is mind-blowing.”

“I’ve lost my mind.”

Can you think of another? Add it here.

So, dear reader, you have expressions that come close to describing what must be done to come out of mind and enter Heart-Mind, Heart 2, stage of development. Let us call this, “Being an adult.”

An adult knows there are times to be calm, centered, without fear and just plain mature about a situation. It is the difference between the child’s irrational fear of monsters under the bed and the adult’s knowledge that no monster exists and it can do things to help the child feel more at ease in her surroundings.

The adult understands that a child has perceptions that are not real.

An adult can have a higher perspective, both literally and figuratively.

An adult can step outside of “illusion” (as in, there is a monster under the bed) and speak the truth to those around her (as in, no, there are no monsters under the bed, let me show you).

An adult can go into places the child cannot go and understand things the child cannot understand.

As a human, on a grander scale, many are still children. They have learned that monsters are not real under the bed, but still see monsters everywhere else. They have not yet reached the stage of development where they can say to any monster, “You are not real.”

The mind is keeping you in this pattern of fear-monster-seeing all around you because it is leading your experience. You have not told it to do otherwise. You have told it to be the boss by your deference to its perceiving mechanisms, the eyes that you have, which are really just a tiny tiny tiny part of the body’s overall perceiving apparatus. You have cells that see, heart that sees, chakras that see, soul that sees, spirit that sees and multi-dimensional selves that see. You have energy that sees, molecules that see, atoms that see and more. Everything has a seeing quality. Everything is a part of your seeing apparatus. You cannot know everything with your eyes, but as long as you are acquiescing your seeing abilities to the mind, your eyes are going to do most of the meaning-making for you. That is the mind.

As an adult, you can step out of your “eye-seeing” and take it deeper. You can say, “What are my emotions seeing?” What are my thoughts seeing? What are my house-things seeing? (For even they have consciousness and are a part of your seeing apparatus.)

The adult sees a bigger picture. You can take it out as far as you would like to go:

What are my stars seeing?

What are my planets seeing?

What are my dimensions seeing?

What are my other selves seeing?

What are my other lives seeing?

What are my cells seeing?

What are my physical eyes seeing?

All of these are valid questions. All of them are worthy of asking. All of them are worthy of contemplating. All of them are worthy of answering. All of them are worthy of writing about in your journal. All of them are worthy of your time. That is all. So be it and so it is. We are leaving.

Now, go, write about seeing. That is your next step toward No-Mind and Heart-Mind. That is all.

Daily Message 9


Entering into this day, you have many choices in front of you. We will not assume you will be reading this in the morning. You could be reading it at any time of day or night and it changes not that you have choices. Will I … you fill in the blank.

The “problem” with the mind is that it makes choices for you without you being aware of them. Whether or not you breathe is a choice taken out of your control, unless of course, you take extreme measures to do something otherwise with your breath – and your life.

These involuntary actions such as your heart beating or your lungs going up and down with air are but a few of the choices your body makes on your behalf. These are the easy ones. There remains an infinite eternity of choices you are making without realizing you are making them.

The mind is a part of all of that … what you call “unconscious” and what you refer to as conscious. The mind is one or the other not. It is all of it.

That is our first teaching. To fragment yourself into voluntary/involuntary actions (tomato juice for breakfast versus breathing), conscious/unconscious awareness (my name is Bob/I believe I am valueless) or choice/no-choice paradigms (I can eat soup for dinner/I have no choice about how I was born), are limiting beliefs. They are limiting beliefs. They are limiting beliefs.

Any structure that places you within an either/or, this/that or me/them “paradigm” is limiting you. You are limited not. You are limitless.

So we say, you have another way. It says, “I breathe and I choose to breathe through the virtue of me being alive.”

“I eat what I choose to eat for dinner and I am a being within a family structure in this earth reality, plus much more that I may not be aware of yet.”

“My name is Bob and I have beliefs that are without my focus right now. I may choose to focus on them later, or not, but that is always a choice.”

You are given every awareness by the choice of your expanded self, the awareness of you as an expanded being beyond flesh and at one with all life. You are given every opportunity to see every choice and every involuntary action as a choice at some level, even if it is not at the human level.

You are beyond just human. You have your “human” choices and the ones that cannot be categorized as such. The mind is making life easier for you by taking things out of your focus, but they are there and you can (and will) look at them as and when you are ready.

You have eyes that see both physically and in the figurative sense. When you have eyes to see, you will see. When you have ears to hear, you will hear.

Right now, for today, we can say that you are always in a choice. The choice to exist, the choice to eat, the choice to look in new directions, the choice to work and do all the things that feel like musts, the choice to see them as musts instead of choices, the choice to see them as choices when before they were musts, the choice to read this, the choice to go to bed or wake up or walk to the kitchen or whatever it is you are doing now.

All of this exists within the framework of mind. When you question not your existence and take everything around you as a “given,” you make your mind a wonderful boss of you. When you say, “I am. All exists as a choice within my AM-ness,” you make your mind a wonderful servant.

You choose. That is all.

Daily Message 8

From a writing today.

This is from a 17 minute writing exercise this channel did for a course she is doing now called, “Writing for Peace.” If you would like more information about this course, or the coach who teaches it, please contact Lore Raymond of Women as Visionaries.

As a spiritual seeker, I always believed that the heart was the center of my search.

I was not wrong.

It’s different than you think, though.

When you get far enough, you lose your heart. You gain something else. Let’s call it “Heart 2.”

It’s the heart of it. The core of yourself, which turns out to be everything, is Heart 2.

Let me explain. You really don’t exist. I know it feels like you do. It feels like I do, but I don’t. I’m just an idea, an expression of an idea in the midst of everything else. As you go further into your search for truth, you realize that everything is one. Then you experience that. When you experience that, “you” fall away and something else takes your place. Let’s call that Heart 2.

You are nothing. Not in a “derogatory” or unflattering kind of way, but in the sense that your self-ness falls away as you go on this path and you realize that you are nothing. Really. Nothing. Heart 2 takes your place. Where you were, Heart 2 comes in. It’s the place where everything has a place because everything is in you, everything is you and nothing has to be excluded from that.

That brother that you hate so much, he’s there. That evil dictator. The pedophile. All of them are there. Everything you think of as “evil” is there in Heart 2. Everything you thought of as lovely, or worth loving, is there too. Instead of good and bad, you come up with, “I prefer this.” It’s all good. Everything is good. Not in a “good versus evil” way, but a Good way, that says, “All of this has a reason for being. All of it is worthy of space in my heart. All of this is worthy of my openness as a being of All That Is.”

What you call bad becomes simply another thing that is. You may not prefer it, but it is there and it is. It isn’t something to hate because that becomes impossible. It isn’t possible to hate in Heart 2. That just isn’t even a relevant word at all. All context for it is completely gone. Everything just is.

In Heart 2, you become the thing that is loved and is hated. You become all of it. You become big enough for all of it. That allows you to see that you are nothing, no-thing that is real, anyway. You are the illusion too. You are the thing from which objects can arise. You are that powerful. You are also the thing making its way through all existence as energy. You are that big. You are the thing into which all energy can flow. You are that wide. You never were a thing. You were always everything.

How can I explain Heart 2? It isn’t a place many people come because that illusion, that dream, is so fun. You want to be here, where dreams can be formed around you and experiences evaluated for their merit on a scale of good and bad, pleasant and unpleasant, worthy of repetition or a one-time only deal. This is the fun of the dream. You are there now. If you are reading this, you are there.

I am reading this. As I type, I am reading it. And I know that I linger in the heart space of Heart 1. I am there and I know that I can go out of it if I wanted. I could go to Heart 2. I would be there in an instant if I decided. So, I’ll say for the last second of my writing, that I will not tell you, reader, if I am there – now or ever. That is my business. I’ll leave it to you to decide where you want to go. Both are there for our perception. One is called awake. One is called asleep. Both are ok. Both are necessary. As to sleep is as necessary as to live in consciousness, so going forward isn’t the question.

It’s how you want to play today. That is all.

So be it and so it is.

It is shared here because it is about exiting mind and entering heart. Then, about entering Heart 2. This is a term we will use often in this book. It is the place of No-Mind. It is the place where heart and mind have become one, big enough for both definitions of what that is, of what “heart” is and what “mind” is. It is the place where you are moving to if you do these exercises, read this series of messages, take on the task of doing the work. Again, this is everything and everything to do with you and your choices about where you are ready to be. There is not pressure here for you to do anything. When you say you want to have control over your thoughts, it means giving up your mind. That is not a bad thing. It is not a good thing. It just is.

If you are ready to give up your mind, then you are ready to accept Heart 2, which is a place of No-Mind because it is both mind and heart, and that becomes something entirely different.

The sum is equal to its parts not. It is more than that. The sum is equal to all that is, everything. You are this everything. You are this everything. You are this everything.

That is all. It is done. So be it and so it is.

Daily Message 7

The heart is a very sacred space. It is the center of you and worth exploring to a holy acceptance of your divine existence. What does the mind have to do with this? The mind is a repository of thoughts. It collects them. It makes files and labels them and creates all kinds of categories that you use to live in this world.

This is as you designed it. The world is designed by you, for you. It is the place where you put together energy as expressed in form with energy as expressed in non form and create a world of both. It is where you can see all the things around you and call them things, make interpretations about them, learn more about your inner being as a non physical entity and go outward into the cosmos to meet other beings having similar experiences in consciousness.

This is all your doing. You create all of it. You don’t create it as human. You create it as divine being. There is no “God” other than the divine power of you.

What we call God is something different. It is the All That Is that exists everywhere, every up, every down, every all around, all the time, in every sense, every dimension, every realm of existence, every plane of experience and more. It is the beyond brain, brain. It is the All That Is intelligence that rules every atom and every universe. It is nothing without you. You are the center of it.

Reading this, you are the center of your universe. In every incarnation, exists a universe. The mind is but the place of collection for thoughts for one universe, one human being. Collectively, there are the thoughts of all and together all the thoughts of all time are held in the vast ocean of consciousness. There is nothing that is not stored there. You think you had a thought that went away? No, it exists. Always existed, always will exist.

Our message today is to focus on the space of the heart as your divine center and to give your thoughts a passing “glance” today, but not to consider them the center of your being. They happen to you, but they are not you. The heart is much closer to the Reality of you. That is all.

We go now. Put your heart at the center of your consciousness. Thoughts will come and go, but your heart is your focus today. That is all.

We are leaving. We love you. That is all.

Now, go, begin your day.

Daily Message 6

You are encouraged to think of yourself often on this boat. Your writing in the accompanying journal is intended to help you return to the boat when your thoughts are taking control of you. It is also intended for you to have a place to write out your thoughts so they are there on paper and can be looked at more objectively.

You are given instruction here, meditation techniques, love and encouragement. You must do the work, however. We cannot, the angels that we are, make you master your thoughts for you. You must want to do it. It is ok to read this book. You will find many beautiful messages. The benefit will be greatest for those who take their intention to go within and master their thoughts forever and combine it with our guidance to keep a journal while reading this book.

You have many choices. In a day, there are an infinite number of choices presented to you. You do not register or record them all on a conscious level, but they are there. They are always there. To have coffee or not may seem like a “given.” Yet, it is always a choice.

So, you choose to write or not. That is always a choice. You have the choice to be proactive with your thoughts or to passively read this book and receive what energy you can. We are not saying one is better than another. There is never “better” or “worse” from our perspective. There is only choice and your insistence to make your choices in the way most aligned with your level of consciousness in any given moment. You have always love from us, unconditional and limitless.

Our message today is to choose for yourself how you want to use this book. Is it to be passive? Only to receive what energy you can and to know that your thoughts will always have greater dominance when you are passive in this work. Or is it to take the journal and keep it with you, using it to write down your thoughts, burn them when necessary, laugh at them when appropriate, cry as you need, reevaluate when you see them written in black and white, go deeper into their origins as you work and all the rest of it that comes with active participation in your spiritual work.

We have no suggestion for you to say this is “better.” We only want you to know that you have a choice and we want you to make it with consciousness. This is using your thoughts. This is using your mind as a conscious being, instead of your thoughts using you as an unconscious being. Decide what you are going to do and be happy with that. You can always change your choice later. That is all.

We are done. It is done. So be it and so it is. That is all.