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Daily Message 73

After a day of “hard work,” what do you want to do? You want to rest, watch TV, maybe, have a drink, enjoy a moment of solace and relaxation – generally be in the moment of renewing your spirit somehow after all that hard graft.

A day of hard work can be a metaphor for a lifetime of struggle. You have done “hard work” by being here on earth, making this place your home, finding yourself among so many relationships and choices for ways of being. You have done much in the way of energy expenditure just to be here, so celebrate yourself.

You are always offered the suggestion from the angels to celebrate you. Your accomplishments are remarkable, whatever “simple-ness” they may seem to have to you in your “limited perception” of what is remarkable.

Being you is remarkable. Being you is extraordinary. Being you is joyfully and unconditionally loved by all the angels here.

Being you is worthy of celebration, with a chorus of angels singing your praises now. Truly. This is happening. As you read this, a chorus of angels sings your praises.

To be orientated in the heart, living Heart 2, the “melting” of Mind into Heart, so that Heart is the Mind, all you have to do is accept this singing. Without thinking about it, judging it, hesitating to bring in physical senses like the eyes or ears, have your heart accept that you are being sung to by a chorus of 10,000 angels.

You are being sung to by a chorus of 10,000 angels. That is all.

You are being sung to by a chorus of 10,000 angels. That is all.

You are being sung to by a chorus of 10,000 angels. That is all.

The heart accepts its value and says, “Thank you,” to this glorious gift of love.

You are given the suggestion here to write for 17 minutes on all the wonderful things about you. You can do this easily, for there are so many worthy things about your existence.

We are leaving. We love you. That is all. So be it and So it is. It is done. That is all.

Now, go, and write. That is all. We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all. It is done. It is done. It is done. That is all. We are leaving. We are leaving. We are leaving. That is all.

Daily Message 72

In work, there is value. In sweat, there is good. In tears, there is cleansing. In ebbs and swells there are treasures to be found. You cannot go to the beach and expect to find the beautiful thing you are looking for without the movement of the tide. Without the tide, there is no beauty, only stagnation. The tide creates the possibility for all you know as beauty on the beach.

You have much to learn from stagnation also, but it is for another lesson-meditation. Today we talk about the necessity of all you call, “good” and “bad.” It is all a part of the flow of life, the in and out of it, the tide of living, the mastery of accepting what is and the appreciation of every experience. How awesome is experience in all its guises!

You have experience in a physical reality. How amazing! How miraculous! How gorgeous that energy can be coalesced in what you call form! How glorifying to know you are a part of something so “impossible” as the making of “matter,” that which you know of as the life you live!

Some of you here, reading this, have suffered incredible injustices. You have suffered. You have cried. You have said, “Why?” with all of your heart. You have not understood the reason for your experiences, for the things you are calling, “what happened to me!” You are survivors of horrors, bad-creature-events (whether human or otherwise) and evils that have no name. You read this, knowing you are the one who is the survivor.

You are here. Reading this, the spirit within you triumphs. It says, I am still here. I am still a part of God. I am still divine. I am still the angel in flesh. I AM. That is all.

You are here as a survivor – one who knows. Celebrate your victories, your escape from being the victim, freedom from being guilty of self-pity and loathing. You are here as an example of what is inherent within every human soul – the possibility to triumph against adversity, to be victorious in forgiveness and self-love, to live from the heart, to know your persecutors are acting without the knowledge of their own divine creature-hood. They are living from mind separated from God. You are living God within yourself. You are the victor. That is all.

We are leaving. We love you. We love you. We love you. So be it and So it is. That is all.

Now, go, write for 17 minutes on the triumphs of your soul – every place you have been “wronged,” and have come up as the stronger, wiser, divine light you already are and always have been. That is all.

Now, go, and write. That is all. We love you. We are leaving. It is done. So be it and So it is. That is all.  

Daily Message 71


Have a moment in your day to stop.

Make that moment now.


Take your head up from this book and stop.

Yes, stare off into space.

For one minute, stare into space.

Make it ok to do so.

You can have your “spacey” moment.

We are giving you permission.

You have permission.

Give yourself permission.

You do not have to look back here.

There words are coming out, but you are not looking at them.

You are looking at space.

It is everywhere.

Notice it now.

Notice the space around you.

In every chair, there is space. The molecules of the chair are surrounded by space. Nothing is without space. There is a moment to not look at something – this book, a phone, a TV, a child, whatever is in front of you. Put “space” into your life by looking at it, looking at space.

That is all.

We are saying, look at space.

For once, look at space.

Then make a daily habit of looking in space for one minute. You are ok to do this. It is your time to be “spacey.”

Just stare.

That is all.

No-thing to look at. Only space. How many times can we say it before you do it? Look into space. That is all.

We love you. That is all. We are leaving. No writing today. Only space-looking. That is all.

Daily Message 70

This is the last quarter (almost) of this book. You have been through a journey to bring your mind into your heart. You have asked yourself many questions to bring material “thought-energy” into the heart space, leaving your mind to become Heart/Mind, Heart 2. This is a place of no-mind. You have get rid of your mind, replacing it with heart-mind, in order to be of heart-2-ness.

We have many ways of saying, “Think with your heart.” You have many ways of knowing if this is the case, if you are indeed, “Thinking with your heart.” Here are the signs (among the thousands that there are, but these are broad “categories” that will point you in the right direction if you are in a situation and wondering, “What is of Heart 2 here? What is the indication that I am moving this thinking into my heart space?”):

  1. You have time to be with a situation and breathe at the same time, no thoughts of urgency plague you. You understand that all is timeless and decisions can be made and breath can be in-taken at the same time. Heart 2 is a place of breathing and “thinking.” This is the opposite of “worry” (rather, the other side of the coin, or the other end of the spectrum called Worry/Non-worry).
  2. You have feelings and thoughts about a situation that are expansive, that take you to place of growth, that lead you to new perspectives, give you confidence in yourself, allow you to be creating, give you peace at the point of “putting your head to the pillow” and offer you less to worry about than you had before, bringing you down in the spectrum of Worry/Non-worry toward the place of peace (even if you are not there completely, they move you closer).
  3. You have fun while you are doing this Life-Thing, you enjoy your thoughts, you appreciate them, you understand them, you are able to question them, you take them and put them under the microscope and make choices about what you are going to take on as beliefs and what you are going to discard. You know yourself and if you are confused, you know how to move into un-confusion.
  4. You have tools and resources for moving into un-confusion. You use your writing as a way to take mind out head-space and put it into heart-space, you have meditations, books, friends and rituals that are moving you up the scale of Worry/Non-worry into a place of expansion and feeling better about the life you are living now!
  5. You have enjoyment in every day. You take time to be of good cheer, no matter is happening in your life. You have the “sense” to be “honest” about your emotions, to look at them objectively and then do the things that you can to take you from a place of “un-joy” to IN-joy. That is all.

    These are our 5 “litmus tests” for the heart of Heart 2. If you have others, now is the time to write about them. Use your 17 minutes to think of other ways you can be in Heart 2 and know that you are! What does it mean to YOU to be in Heart 2? This is our question for today. Now, go, write for 17 minutes. That is all.

    We love you. We are leaving. So be it and So it is. That is all. It is done. We love you. That is all.

Daily Message 69

In the “back” of your mind, you may be wondering, pondering, asking yourself, “Can I do this? Live a life of no-mind? Live a life where my heart IS my mind? Live as this book says, in a state of Heart 2, where I have lost my mind and only use my heart as the guiding thought-adjuster of my life? That sounds impossible. I don’t think I can do it. I can’t do it. It doesn’t even make any sense. Everyone has a mind. This is crazy. This whole thing is crazy. I’m just going to throw this book away.”

That is a good sign.

It means you are ready to accept humility as a way of being. Humility is a state of no-mind. It is a sign of Heart 2. It is the way the heart responds when it cannot be in control of everything and accepts un-knowingness as a part of the human experience and embraces it, loves it even, is excited about it, welcomes it and gives no effort to being ‘full of knowing.’ Just being is enough.

Humility is a way of saying, “I don’t know if this will work. I don’t even know what this means. I just do my best. That is all I can do. Each and every day, I give what I can and that is all I can do.”

You will have the universe, the angels, all the support around you to bring you where you are needed, to provide the resources you are asking for, to take you to new vistas of knowing. You don’t have to do anything. You are carried on the wings of your angel-self and that is enough.

You are given here the message that your questioning is perfect, your disbelief is perfect. Everything you are thinking about the “truth” or otherwise of this or any other piece of teaching or spiritual literature you may come across. None of it is for the believing. You have to know it in the heart of you before you ever come to it. It doesn’t change who you are; it opens up what already exists as you.

No question is ever to be “dismissed.” Rather, analyze the intention behind the question. Are you wanting to know something so you can say you know it? Are you wanting to confirm what you already know? Are you wanting to be given a key to the future-knowing of your life? (If this is the case, stop now, for this is not the book for you.)

Why are you asking the question.

Then continue. Look around you and you will see the resource.

The resource to answer your question is already in front of you.

You are given the message here to question the question. Then, answer it if you must, using what is already around you, for the answer is there, already in your field. That is all.

We are leaving. We love you. It is done. So be it and So it is. That is all.

Now, go, write for 17 minutes on what your questions are and why you are asking them. Analyze the why of your questions, then look around you for what is already there as an answer. That is all. We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all.

Daily Message 68

Today our message is about enjoyment. What does it mean to enjoy something? It means to infuse it with your joy for living, to make it sacred, to know it is a connection between you and God, the manifestation of your Heart 2 being-ness.

You are encouraged to enjoy today. How do you do that?

1. By saying, “MMMMMMMMMMMM” often today as you enjoy food, breathing, pleasurable activities and other things that make you feel good.

2. By being conscious of the enjoyment, saying, “I am enjoying this,” either with your mind or in vocalization.

3. By having the courage to enjoy in silence one or two activities today that do not involve listening the TV, radio or other noise outside of yourself while you partake (saying, “MMMMM,” does not count. It is coming from inside of you).

You are offered an opportunity to enjoy consciously today and connect to your “Spirit-Self” as you do so. It is the part of you that is expanded, beyond the physical, of light and sound and color, an angel in every way.

You are the angel of your life. Find your divine connection. Enjoy today. With conscious awareness, enjoy. Say, “MMMMMMMMM” often. That is all.

Now, go, write for 17 minutes on all that you enjoy. Be in a space of gratitude for having so many things in your life that bring you pleasure. That is all.

We love you. We are leaving. It is done. So be it and So it is. That is all.

Daily Message 67

We ease back into the daily messages through a simple exercise:

Have yourself hold a hand to your heart while you read this. Make it a connection through a deep breath. Hold your hand on your heart while you breathe deeply 2 times.

Say these words, “I, [say your name], am here in this place, making it sacred with my intention, my attitude, my love of life, my love of all, my willingness to be of no-mind, Heart-Mind and Heart 2.

I am here to be of service on this planet. I am of service when I let go of my judgments about others, places, things, non physical beings and all the rest for which I am so prone to place my beliefs. I let go of the need to be right, to be all-knowing, to make others feel small when it is I, and I alone, who is feeling insecure and scared. I am ready to be in this world as a servant to All That Is, the great love that is available to me.

I am here to be of service. In this moment, I am of service.

Thank you and Amen. So be it and So it is. That is all.”

Now you are ready to embark on the last remaining pages of this book, this meditation, this destroyer of mind and maker of Heart-Mind, Heart 2. That is all.

We love you. That is all. So be it and So it is. Now, go, write for 17 minutes on anything you like, connecting yourself to the beauty of your inner Self. That is all. We are leaving. That is all. We love you. That is all. It is done. That is all.

Daily Message 66

This is another short day of “lesson-meditation.”

Did you know that every one of these messages is a meditation? It is a download of energy from the angels to you. We send it with our vibration down to your vibration. We use the words to make “forth” certain frequencies that are transmitted through the vibration of each letter. Nothing is “left” to chance. It is all “intentional.”

Every letter has a purpose.

Every time you see, “That is all,” it is a vibration that is given.

Every time you see, “It is done,” or, “So be it,” a transmission is taking place.

Every time you see, “We are leaving,” or, “We love you,” a transference of energy is taking place.

You have many ideas about what is “right” and what is “wrong” and sometimes the repetition of things is upsetting to your energy field. You wish, we angels, would say things once and be done with it. We do our best, but we concede not if the energy is necessary for repeating ourselves and sending the vibration of the letters in multiple blocks.

The vibration of 3 times is very powerful. When we say, “We love you, we love you, we love you,” we say it with meaning. We say it with 3 times repetition because then you are receiving 3 times the vibration of the letters. Be “open” (as in spacious with your patience) when you see things written 3 times. Instead of being disturbed by something you have already seen and “know,” be open to the possibility that the vibration of 3 times is particularly “meaningful” to your energy field at this time.

Today, write for 17 minutes on the ability to be patient. It is your “assignment” today to write about patience, whether you believe you have it and how you can “accumulate” it in your energy field. That is all. We love you, we love you, we love you. That is all. So be it and so it is. That is all.

Daily Message 65

Here we address “labels.” What you label as good, bad, neutral, happy, sad, up, down and so on are ways for humans to deal with vibrations and energy for which their physical eyes cannot see, yet the physical body can feel in “emotions,” stirrings of the soul.

You have ways of feeling that are expansive and others that are contracting. The feelings you call “happy” are generally the ones that make you feel expanded and more alive. The ones you call “sad” are the ones that contract your energy and make you feel “less than 100% alive.” They are the ones that make you feel like you wish you were feeling something else.

When we have visual connection with your energy field, we see your vibration as sound and color. We see the energy of you. We see the “body” of you as light and sound and color. We do not see the physical outline of you. You are no more physical to us than we are to you. We see outlines of physicality, but our “main point of focus” is your energy.

The angels come as beneficent supporters of your energy. We put our energy with yours and lift you “up” to higher vibrations, or at least different ways of “seeing” a situation so you can change your viewpoint to be more life-affirming and expansive.

We are not seeing the “flaws” of you. That is not possible. We only see your energy and can tell with our wisdom if you are in a place of
“positive,” life-affirming, expansive energy, or in a place of “negative,” life-contracting, static energy.

We have no judgments about what is good or bad about that. It always is. It is. That is all.

Our teaching today about labels is that they are energetic markers for what is expansive, life-affirming, and what is contraction, life-constricting. There are no rights or wrongs about these and they are very individual to you, the soul, having the human experience. They are indicating much about the life you have had as this human and the life you have had as this soul with many expressions of humanity. So, you have nothing to fear in them.

That is all.

There is nothing to fear about what you are feeling. That is all.

Make what you feel a reminder of where you might be energetically and leave it at that. No need to fear the feeling as well. This is serving not the expansion of you. You have enough “to deal with” as a human without adding fear to the mix. Fear of your emotions is not necessary. That is all.

We love you. We love you. We love you. That is all.

Write for 17 minutes today on your emotions. Anything you feel at all is ok, perfect, in fact. We have every connection here to All That Is and you are never alone, never without support. You are loved beyond measure. So it is. So be it.

Now, go, do your writing. That is all. We are leaving. It is done. So be it and so it is. That is all.

Daily Message 64

How is your mind adjusting to its move?

It has moved to your heart. Your brain still exists, it has not gone anywhere. It lives in your skull. Biology is still the same. However, the mind, that which is thinking, but not physical, lives elsewhere. You tie the brain with the mind, but they are mutually exclusive. One can be in your head and the other in your heart and you not die!

It is true.

Throughout your human history, you have looked at biology and said, “This is here, the brain is here, so that must be the center of my mind.”

However, you have a heart and you have said, “This is the center. It pumps blood to my extremities, it keeps me alive, it must be the ‘heart’ of my feelings, the emanating place from which I extend and receive all love.”

This is how you have placed yourselves between spiritual inclinations and desires to know where you are in the cosmos, and your curiosity to know who you are as a physical being.

Both are spiritual.

Curiosity about your physical selves, your spiritual self, your mental self, your emotional self is spiritual.

All of it is spiritual.

Every thought – spiritual.

Every emotion – spiritual.

Every movement – spiritual.

As you move through space and time, as you label things “good” “bad” “neutral,” you are being a spiritual being.

That is all.

Today, write for 17 minutes on the spirituality of all your existence. As you move through space and time, how can you make everything into the conscious knowing of its spiritual nature? Everything moving you toward expansion and God-knowing.

That is all. We love you. It is done. So be it and so it is. We are leaving. That is all.