Daily Message 87. 100 Daily Messages for Abundance, Enough-ness and Prosperity

summer 2012 116 The baby is a perfect place to start. Is the baby a mighty manifestor? He is. More than you realize. He manifests his food. He manifests his clothes. He manifests his love from those around him. If the baby has chosen a life of hardship, where love is missing, or broken, then it is a soul reason and it is your “job” to respect that and to give love. You can give love in any situation, even where you see the most challenges. Especially here you can give love. To give love is simply to look in the eyes of another person and to see their soul, to see their light and to talk to them as if they matter. This is the greatest gift you can give anyone. Give the gift of your presence, your attention and your direct eye contact that says, “I see you. You matter.” This is all.

Now, we say this, the baby manifests much. The baby knows there is a universe ready to assist it. It calls this universe, “Mother,” or “Family.” It is the universe of its knowing. The universe is there to provide. You have a universe, too. It is there to provide. It provides. You have learned not to trust it because you have had your own soul agreements for which the lessons were about not trusting, so trust could be known again completely. You have your own childhood “traumas” that have taught you to think things were “hard.” You have your own childhood things that have built a foundation for every lesson you came here to learn, every emotion you came here to experience and every vibration you came here to expand to. You have set it all up, with the aid of free will always being by your side. Never for once think you do not have choices. You have more choices than you can possibly imagine. Many are made before you ever incarnate, but they are always there. You have free will always to live your life exactly as you choose. That is all.

The baby manifests everything. The baby manifests its desires. The baby manifests its opportunities for growth. The baby manifests its possibilities for expansion. The baby manifests. That is all.

You are no different from a baby, but you do have the opportunity to do this manifesting with awareness. Think of what you want and then go to the universe. Know that the universe is like your mother. It is a kind mother. It is an attentive mother. It is the best mother you could ever think of. It is the mother of your dreams, the one that loves you unconditionally and will always be there for you. It is the mother that knows you are worthy. It is the mother that knows you are a child of God and so worth loving. It is the mother that wants you to succeed, wants you to be happy, wants you to have all that you desire. It is also the mother that cares for you enough that she will not let you “destroy” yourself with destructive actions. She will not give you something if it will “kill” you, either metaphorically or even literally. She will not give you something if it is not in your best interests. She can see this better than you can sometimes. Sometimes you are so “obsessed” with the thing that you want, you cannot see the bigger picture and know that there is much more for you if you only trust her. Trust the universe. She is your wonderful, beloved mother, and she will take care of you.

The mother is the universe. She is the great provider. Trust her. Trust her today. Trust her always. We will explain about another provider, All That Is, in another daily message. For today, concentrate on loving the universe, the one that is there loving you always, ready to give you what you want. Ask yourself, is this the thing that will expand me the most? The universe is there to give you what is life affirming, expansive and infinitely loving. Let yourself dwell on these things today. We will explain more as the days go on. For today you must trust. It is your day to trust. That is all. We love you, we love you, we love you. It is done, it is done, it is done. That is all.

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Leta Hamilton is mom, writer, radio show host, speaker and spiritual seeker looking for ways to learn about inner peace from the natural spirituality and innate wisdom of her children. She believes passionately that motherhood is a path to inner peace with her children continually pointing the way.

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