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Let’s talk fertility….it’s time.

I share this because I believe it is time to begin this
conversation, asking each other what we have been through as women, how it has
affected us and where our feelings over fertility and infertility come

This is something I posted on Facebook on Tuesday, December 27,

Leta Hamilton is at
home recovering from a failed permanent contraception solution. The procedure
is called Adiana and it is an alternative to tubal ligation. However, the
doctor could not see up one of my filopian tubes well enough to place the
“plug” that would permanently block the egg from descending down the
ovaries. I am sharing on FB because our practical steps to motherhood and its
reproductive conclusi…on are also emotional journies that span every feeling
on the psychological landscape. If you have ever had a child, lost a child,
wanted a child, didn’t want a child, had surgery to prevent a child or any
combination of those, you have brought into this world feelings shared by other
women all across the globe. We are one female body joined together by our feelings.
My tubal ligation is scheduled for Thursday. Our story continues.

These are some of the comments I received in response to my post:

  • Thank you
    for sharing this! Something that sounds so simple and clinical can actually be
    a big emotional roller coaster, plus what mother has time for extra doctor
    appointments for herself? It’s more stress added to the mix. Thank you again.
  • How
    incredibaly frustrating! I wish you good luck and a quick recovery.
  • I am
    sorry that you had to experience this challenge, Leta. I wish you luck in your
    next procedure.
  • I hope
    you heal quickly and get the desired results on Thursday. You are smart to do
    it this way not just be talked into a full hysterectomy. Who wants to age
    overnight or be dependent on lab produced not quite bioidentical hormones?
  • ‎*Prayers* Leta
  • As
    someone who spent a decade of my life trying to reproduce successfully, I
    certainly feel for you even if my issue was the exact opposite of yours. Women
    do need to talk of these things and keep talking. Wishing you a successful
    procedure and speedy recovery.
  • The
    impact of contraceptives (including failed ones) have an enormous impact on the
    lives of women. It affects every aspect of our lives including economic.
    Surprise pregnancies or even the potential for them to happen cause us to guess
    & second guess other major life decisions. Education, career, where you
    live, the ability to do more or less for your other kids. Of course its

How can we come together on
this issue of that which makes us mysterious chaperones of continued evolution?
Fertility affects us all – in one way or another. How has it affected you?

I am also sharing the links
to the other two websites on which I guest blog. They are both worthy websites
run by women just like you and me. There are an infinite number of ways we make
connections. These are two very good ones.